Body Balm

DC Tatts Body Butter products are tried and true. They were developed and tested in a real tattoo shop, on brand new tattoos on regular people, never animals. The products were born out of necessity and the age old question, “What do I put on my new tattoo?” To that question, there really have only been two answers, “Do you want motor oil – or diaper cream?” until now.

The tattoo industry today is completely main stream, the inks are brighter, more stable and more highly developed and researched than ever before. Tattoos are an art form and most certainly an investment. Clients and artists alike want to protect that investment: to produce a vivid, yet enjoyable, tattoo experience. The days of petroleum jelly and petrolatum based products are long gone. They can act as solvents on the brand new ink you just worked so hard to get into your skin. If you don’t have an infection, why would you want to slather on the antibiotics?

Turns out the tree huggers were right all along – Mother knows best – Mother Nature that is. We should have listened, because many earth karma folks are total tattoo aficionado. Less is more.

What we need is something simple, wholesome and benign that will keep a scab and scar from forming, keep dirt and grime out, but allow your body to do what it does best – heal itself. What EVERY new tattoo needs is DC Tatts Body Balm.

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